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alli + eric: a national zoo engagement

When planning engagement sessions, I always work with couples to choose a place that has meaning or significance to them. If they don’t have a special place (and many couples don’t), we begin to brainstorm their favorite things to do together. If they like to hike, we choose a cool path. If they like to drink wine, we pick a winery or a picnic spot and bring a bottle. Eric and Alli love visiting the zoo…. JACKPOT!

We headed to the national DC zoo last weekend and battled the crowds.  I had so much fun with these two! I felt like a kid on a field trip. I mean who doesn’t love seeing elephants and peacocks! Half way through the session, the exhibit buildings closed and it felt like the entire zoo was ours! It was truly magical! These two are so in love and it shows! I absolutely can’t wait till their wedding in January! Until then, enjoy their zoo adventures!

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