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What is YOUR style? That’s such a loaded question! As I write this post, I’m wearing yoga pants and a baggy t-shirt (and I didn’t work out either, don’t judge!)… I know this doesn’t reflect my business or look. My current branding is unpolished and unoriginal. It isn’t me! It doesn’t show my personality or creativity. Well frankly, it doesn’t show much of anything.

Over the past few months, I have learned a lot about myself and I want my brand to reflect who I am ….so I started to analyze things that make me smile and define my look! Like every girl, I quickly realized that it was time for a makeover! That’s right! A business makeover! I have teamed up with Katie from KD Creative to create this new look. Get ready for a brand that reflects ME…. classic, sophisticated and preppy! I can’t wait to see how we bring these three words to life!

Let’s get real folks… nothing beats a little black dress! It’s versatile and chic. And what says elegance more than a monogram! Especially as a newlywed, those fabulous new initials never get old! J.Crew and Kate Spade are my go-to stores at the mall. OH and my other Kate, Kate Middleton… I could spend hours! To me, she represents a simple, classic and timeless style. I love that she is the “girl next door”. I admire her effortless grace. I just love the feeling you get from putting on a quintessential little black dress, pearls, bows, and high-heel pumps… while sipping some bubbly of course!

Bottom line… I want a brand that shows my style! I want to attract the brides, couples and families that click with me. I want to have lasting friendships with the people who allow me to document pivotal moments in their life! I want to give them an experience! It’s time for a more stylish place to share my work and stories! The process has begun and let me tell you….my head has been spinning! There are SO many decisions to make! Fonts, colors, and layouts… oh my! The initial stage was a bit overwhelming because the possibilities are truly endless! I have established a “feel” that truly shows ME and I am ready to share this journey with you!

Here is a sneak peak of my new branding! I am FREAKING OUT about it! What do ya’ll think?


We are still in the very early stages but the next few months are going to be HUGE! New logo! New website! New blog! New ME! My clients are in for a real treat! I can’t contain my excitement! YAY!

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