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Sometimes people come into your life and you completely click! You can’t imagine not talking to them daily and telling them absolutely everything! Hay and I crossed paths in the photography community and have been inseparable ever since. She is my best friend! She just gets me in every way possible… from my sarcasm to my […]

My heart is bursting with joy as I write this blog post!  It still feels like a dream to me! MCP has been named a TOP 2015 wedding photographer by Washingtonian Bride and Groom magazine! (Cue confetti, squealing, jumping and high-pitch voices) Never in a million years would I have imagined to see my name […]

It’s time to make an impact! It’s time to refine my photography brand to reflect my high-class couples! It’s time to update my look! My website needs to reflect MCP 110%! It’s my virtual presence and my first “hello” to those awesome couples that let me by apart of their love stories. We are talking […]

That’s a wrap folks! 2014 flew by (like they always do)! Every year this crazy little business gets bigger and hits milestones that weren’t even on the radar! It is becoming hard to contain these dreams. Although I am not accepting an award from the academy, I would like to thank my “fans”! Every single person […]

Dear Rockstar Clients, I get wrapped up in your love stories, adore your family members and capture the biggest moments of your life! It’s a crazy journey we go through but we do it… together! I become invested in your marriage and lives in a way I never imagined. One camera has created incredible relationships […]

It’s already that time of year! It always sneaks up on us!  In order to help prepare for your holiday festivities, I am planning mini sessions! They are geared for anyone interested in snuggling up with their loved ones outside. Newlyweds, families, seniors, couples… you name it, you are invited! It is the perfect opportunity […]

Every month I get together with my local photography community. There is always a guarantee of belly laughs, genuine conversation and open hearts. These individuals serve as one of my greatest support systems. We rely on each other for advice, encouragement, and referrals. Although my original purpose of attending these  events was for networking, I […]

I was invited to be apart of the  Marriott Key Bridge Bridal Open House last Sunday. There was one vendor for each wedding category. It was great to network with so many fabulous professionals. I worked really hard to create a table that represents my brand. My goal was to evoke classic romance and highlight my passion […]

Old Town Alexandria holds special place in my heart! I love the diversity of this city… from the waterfront pier and colorful gardens to the cobblestone streets and historic parks. It is a photographer’s dream! Clients that look like models also don’t hurt! Shanna and Ryan’s summer engagement session was recently featured on Marry & […]

After the confetti is cleaned up and all the cake is eaten, you will want to be taken back in time to those special moments in your life… . through pictures. MCP offers high-end books to capture this legacy. The albums are handcrafted and bound in genuine natural leather. Each page has a white core […]

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