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Getting to know my clients and their love stories is my FAVORITE part of this job! I am invested in their marriage and countdown to their wedding days. I am a total love junkie! I love emailing with my brides! It means the world to me when they show me sneak peaks of their wedding dresses months before their big day because they just can’t contain their excitment. I love getting texts asking what I think of their wedding shoes and engagement outfits choices. I love the connection I have with each client. I become more than just their photographer… I become their friends! I show up to their wedding venue as a guest and genuinely care about them. They open up to me and let me be apart of the biggest day of their life. It is only fair that I am open and let ya’ll know more about the girl behind the lens:

-I love CheezIts and bacon! Oh and sour patch kids, peanut butter and Reeses…. they are my weakness in life and the reason I go to the gym! I’m also obsessed with Buzz cupcakes (thanks to my mother-in-law). I basically have an obsession with food!

-Our dog, Kona, has had a million toys over the past year…. he manages to destroy them all! I can’t say no! Instead I  waste way too much money to see him happy. He is the cutest!  You would do it too if you saw him pounce and wag his tag in delight! (Yes, our future non-fur babies will be able to walk all over me! Sorry I’m not sorry!)

-I love weddings that have details similar to mine… dahlias, purple, silk taffeta, family photos and lots of ribbon! Monograms are also a big bonus. Everything is better with a little southern charm! I feel even closer with my brides when our styles

-I love photographs but I have several empty picture frames around my house. I know it’s a BIG no-no in this profession but my inner perfectionist struggles with home decor! I wish I could just open my front door and live inside a pottery barn catalog.

-I’m not a good cook but I want to be! I buy cookbooks all the time. I read them and drool over all the pictures…. then don’t cook the recipes. Good thing I also like to eat at good restaurants!

-I know the words to A  LOT of songs! I will sing on the dance floor at any wedding, guaranteed… which is a good talent considering I can’t dance! And if I don’t know the words, I will make up something! My favorite part at a wedding reception is when Journey or Backstreet boys comes on… can’t forget Metallica enter sandman too (Go Hokies!)

-My mom is my best friend and Family means the world to me! I’m an only child and would to anything for those closest to me. My favorite part of our wedding (besides marrying my best friend) was having all of my amazing relatives in one place!

-I am not good taking pictures with a tripod. I have more outtakes and blurry images than good ones! Even though I am terrible at it, I still use the three-legged contraption to capture moments when our family gets together. They aren’t perfect pictures but they still mean the world to me. It is important to celebrate every little moment. Thank goodness we had Anniversary pictures taken this weekend to cheers to TWO years… time to fill up our empty frames!

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