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IT’S HERE! Can you believe it??? I can’t! But here you are…. visiting my NEW blog! I’m still in shock! The outpouring of support, encouragement and praise this past week has been remarkable! I feel SO incredibly blessed! WOW! Ya’ll truly rock! Thank you for encouraging my business and dreams! I am more inspired than ever! I can’t wait to give MCP clients the experience they deserve! This high-quality brand is finally something to talk about! It represents ME!
Classic, Sophisticated, Preppy 
I can’t wait to show off my work here! I finally feel like they will have a good home. I’m very proud of my new site/blog. It’s been a long journey! From choosing a color palette to narrowing down gallery images…. the list goes on and on! I have learned so much about my style and taste throughout this process. I’m grateful for the feedback from the family and hard work of my designer KD Creative. Your kind words have meant SO much to me! I am extremely thankful for every Facebook like and comment I’ve received! My heart is bursting with joy! The fun isn’t over yet…. I will be sharing business card designs and stationary soon!
PLUS another BIG announcement on the blog Friday! 
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