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lindsey + andrew : a lakeside new hampshire wedding

Every wedding is special to me! I almost always tear up during wedding ceremonies. I adore my clients and live for their love stories…. but when one of your own groomsmen walks down the aisle, it is a whole different story! Lindsey and Andrew are like family to my husband and I. Andrew has known Chris since childhood and was the one to introduced us to each other in college. When he met Lindsey, I knew she was the one. They are the definition of soul mates. I have loved watching their relationship grow. Soon their little family will welcome a baby girl to make everything complete!

Their New Hampshire wedding was the perfect representation of them! So many happy tears, belly laughs and hugs! They began to fall in love at Lindsey’s parent’s lake house so it was the ideal setting of their backyard affair. Right where it all started on the dock, they said “i do”.

Lindsey and Andrew, I couldn’t be happier for you! As I boarded the airplane home, my heart was so full heart! Thank you for allowing me to capture your wedding…… and also being some of my first ever MCP models! I love you guys!


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