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I am excited to introduce you to Melissa Downs! She is the owner and artist of Kiss and Makeup. This fabulous lady is a freelance makeup artist in the Northern Virginia area and my first ever PARTNER! That’s right folks… we are going to combine our love for all things beautiful and take your breath away! I am SO glad that we met because I think I am in love (Thanks Sara for connecting us!) Melissa is extremely talented and bubbly! I am honored to work beside her! She grew up in Marshall, Virginia but has taken her talents all over the east coast. As an Accredited Clinique Consultant, Melissa spent time in New York City working at Bloomingdale’s chic cosmetic counter. Her resume is jam packed with experience including celebrity clientele like Nicky Hilton and Bethany Frankel (I know, right?!) I am so glad that she brought her talents back to Northern Virginia. Her full-time makeup career is about to take off to the next level and I can’t wait for you to follow her journey. Get to know Melissa & Kiss and Makeup a little more:

When did your love of makeup begin?

When I was probably around age 5. I would sneak into my mom’s bathroom and read her glamour magazines and use her makeup. I even put makeup (and nail polish) on my teddy bears!

If you lost your make-up bag, what’s the first thing you’d replace and why?

I would have to say eye liner. It makes all the difference, especially because your eyes are a focal point.

What’s the hottest beauty trend that you just can’t get enough of right now?

Lip stains! You don’t have to worry about reapplying constantly. I love the matte ones too. I’m not typically into lip gloss.


What’s the biggest beauty mistake women make?

Wearing a foundation that’s too dark! It drives me crazy! ALWAYS go lighter when in doubt, you can just add a bronzer and blush if you feel a little pale.

You’ve worked with celebrities, got any dirt to share?

LOL! Unfortunately not. Most would come in with their entourage and camera crew and act perfect. Every once in a while, you get a down-to-earth celeb who just wants one thing or they need a gift. It’s always nice when they act like they aren’t a big deal.

What’s the favorite part of your job?

When I finish a bride’s makeup and she sees herself in the mirror. I always ask if there’s ANYTHING she wants me to change and she says no, it’s perfect. Biggest high in the world! I love helping a woman feel beautiful.

Melissa’s amazing services are essential for all wedding and special event clients. You’ll be able to see more of her work in March because we are teaming up for a styled photo shoot! We hope to bring a little vintage and spring flare your way. The excitement for our venture and both of our businesses is colossal, humongous, tremendous, HUGE EEKS! I have no idea how I’ve kept this secret! I can’t wait to show you what we’ve been scheming. Get ready to drool over some eye candy in March!

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