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puerto rico beach portrait session

When there is white sand, clear blue water and palm trees… you MUST take pictures! I had to forgo some extra clothes to pack a tripod in our carryon suitcase but it was sooooo worth it! Before dinner on our last night in Puerto Rico, Chris and I made our way down to the water. The sun was setting and the beach was beginning to clear out. I set up my camera for a short 5 minute photo session. I forgot my remote shutter clicker at home so the portraits are few and far between. Why you ask? Because my 10 second delay on the camera resulted in beach wind sprints! My husband was such a good sport… while he watched me run back and forth like a crazy photographer lady! Take a look at our daily view while in San Juan! Our tans are starting to fade but at least we have these images to remind us of our surprise getaway (and impromptu beach workout?)!

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