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surprise vacation to san juan

As you know, my husband celebrated his birthday in October. He isn’t the easiest person to get presents for… like most guys he has his eyes set on big electronic toys. I wanted to mix it up this year and send him on an adventure. He received a simple greeting card instead. It read:

You are my best friend and soul mate

But for this year’s present you will have to wait!

We will be leaving on November one-five

I will not tell you the location until we arrive!

So get read for some fun,

Will it be snowy or will there be sun?

He sat on the couch with his card for a minute then the nagging began. If you know Chris, he doesn’t handle secrets well. He was the kid who snuck around the house until he knew all his Christmas presents before the big day. He tried to corporate and be patient during three week countdown. The Friday before our trip I began to pack both of our suitcases. ¬†Chris was still out of the loop with a million location guesses under his belt.

As we prepared for dinner before our mystery trip, Chris got his one and only clue… ¬†flip flops and headphones. He finally knew we were headed to a warm destination via airplane. Tomorrow would be the big reveal. We woke up at 5:30AM to head to the airport. It was an early wakeup call but we were excited to get of town as a cold front was coming in. The cab ride was full of anticipation. We walked up to the gate and I handed Chris his boarding pass. The secret was out!

We were headed to Puerto Rico! It was a quick trip filled with sun, sand and food. SOOOO much food! I can’t forget about the coconut mojitos either. What a great time spent with my best friend gaining weight to prepare for our winter hibernation! Here is a glimpse at our travels into the historic city of San Jaun! Enjoy the bright colors of this tropical town!

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