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two year anniversary portraits

I always tell my clients how important photography is… the meaning of images captured for time! I preach like it’s my job (get it?)! I finally listened to myself and got in front of the camera. Besides headshots, I haven’t had professional pictures taken since our wedding day! That’s two whole years that have passed with nothing but selfies to show! Let’s be honest, I’m not going to print those to decorate our home or show our future children. After some convincing from my husband, we scheduled a session months in advance! It made it easier knowing that our good friend would be capturing us. Alicia (and her husband Rob and pup Granger) have quickly come into our lives. I don’t know what we would do without them. ¬†They are like the JMU version of our family…. totally identical!

I also found my new obsession…. Rent the Runway! Seriously? How did I not order something sooner? If I had more money, I would rent a new ballgown for every day of the week! I think I would look soooooo pretty walking down the aisles of Wegmans in a Bagdley Mischa dress! Since that isn’t socially acceptable, I have to wait till my next shoot. I’ll also bust out my wedding shoes and jewelry for the occasion because Jimmy Choo goes with EVERYTHING!

Some of my amazing 2014 couples might recognize Alicia! She has been shooting weddings with me and being mistaken as my sister all season. (Confession: I never correct guests when they say we are related) She has been crucial in my success! MCP wouldn’t be the same without her! She is the biggest supporter and best BFF! I could talk about how AWESOME she is but I’ll let you see for yourself! If you know what’s good for you, then you will check out Alicia’s work! She’s extremely talented! See more on Alicia’s website¬†here! And obviously us, below:

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We can all agree that Kona is a total ham in front of the camera! Look at him! He is clearly a pro model! Chris and I have some work to do to steal the spotlight!


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