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what to wear: cherry blossoms

DC attracts thousands of tourists every year for the cherry blossom festival. It’s also THE perfect backdrop to welcome spring. These trees offer a variety of styles for every couple out there. You can have a country picnic, take a classic stroll on the water or take a modern monument adventure. Let this historic beauty liven up your portraits!

Here are some suggestions for complimenting those dreamy flower buds with your special someone:


-Mix up your wardrobe to give more options in your album, I always recommend a dressy and casual look!
-Compliment eachother without matching… We all know that too much matchy-matchy can be super weird! I immediately think of awkward family photos!
-If you are getting ready for your engagement shoot, remember to get your nails done! Your ring will be a big focus!


-Live up the spring pastels! You can’t go wrong with soft and subtle photos… it screams romance!
-Dress for the same occasion (For example, if one person is in a flip flops and short sleeves while the other is in long sleeves and boots…. so wrong!)
-Wear solids or simple patterns to keep the eye on you!


-Don’t be afraid to wear pink! You will always outshine those blossoms so don’t hesitate!
-If in doubt, choose a fitted outfit over bagged. The end product is more slimming and not messy!

In the end, focus on classic styles to prevent your photographs from looking outdated. A little black dress will never go out of style! Collared shirts are great for guys and also frame the face which can be very flattering. You will never regret your outfit if you go with your gut!

See you at the Tidal Basin!

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