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what to wear: holiday mini sessions

So there is no denying how gorgeous the fall foliage in Virginia is! Obsessed! So how to you compete with this stunning backdrop? Embody the fall spirit in your session and breakout the orange, yellow, brown, red and purple from your closet! As the holidays approach, it is important to plan ahead and avoid chaos. Mini sessions are no different… planning is key! Here are some tips to make your upcoming holiday mini session a BIG success:


  • Mom first! I always tell families, find Mom’s outfit first! And draw inspiration from one pattern or one piece….the rest of the family should come easy!
  • Dress for the same occasion (For example, if one person is in a flip flops and short sleeves while the other is in long sleeves and boots…. so wrong!)
  • No Yoga Pants, Logos or Text – Any recognizable branding or logos are very distracting in family pictures.  Text is even worse – if there is text in a photo, viewers automatically try to read it.
  • Wear solids or simple patterns to keep the eye on you! Incorporate a bright bold color to make your pictures pop!


  • You are welcome to bring props! If  there is something you would like to bring or an idea that you have, don’t be afraid to share! This is all about you and what you love! Feel free to include anything that you like!
  • Add textures, accessories and layers! Wear scarves, shawls, hats, jewelry, belts, vests, purses and hair accessories. And don’t forget about your shoes and boots! It’ll really show off your fun personality!
  • Complement each other without matching… We all know that too much matchy-matchy can be super weird! I immediately think of awkward family photos and you don’t want to end up on buzzfeed!


  • Stay in the same color spectrum… not sure what colors to start with? Look around your home and I bet there are some common themes. You will be hanging these images on your walls so why not coordinate!
  • If in doubt, choose a fitted outfit over bagged. The end product is more slimming and not messy!
  • Wear fun, practical clothing that you feel good in and you will shine in your portraits. The more simple the outfit… the more classic and timeless!
  • Try on your outfits a week before and hold them aside. You want to make sure everything fits and stays clean before you get in front of the camera!



Once you book, relax and have fun! We will have a blast, chat it up, frolic around together and you will get to do lots of snuggling with your loved ones! We will be laughing the entire time 🙂 Don’t forget to book your holiday mini session today! Spots are filling up fast!




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